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Our company's Taiwan office was formally established


In order to speed up the expansion of overseas markets and better serve local customers, our company officially established a Taiwan office recently.

Chairman Mr.Yang Guojiang, Deputy General Manager Mr.Chen Yizhong, and Director Ms.Yuan Xiahong from the Overseas Business Department went to Taiwan to conduct special research in late March. They visited major local customers and agents in Taiwan to gain an in-depth understanding of the current market situation in Taiwan and discuss market development ideas and solutions.

During his stay in Taiwan, Chairman Mr.Yang personally organized a staff interview. From the local candidates, he selected the employees of the Taiwan office. The relevant personnel have many years of experience in the semiconductor industry. They have worked in well-known semiconductors such as NXP and Dunnan Technology etc. They recognizes Changjing's corporate culture, are willing to grow and develop together with our company.

After nearly one month of preparation, our company's Taiwan office was formally established at the end of April, marking the first step of Jiangsu Changjing's independent expansion of overseas markets. The Taiwan office will be responsible for Taiwan's local agents and major customers. Service support functions to effectively improve the responsiveness speed and responsiveness services.

Based on the international vision, Jiangsu Changjing will further increase its investment in overseas markets. Following the Taiwan office,we will conduct research and investigations on the markets of the United States, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, and gradually establish localized service teams and institutions.