R&D Engineer - Power MOSFET Design

Working location:Nanjing, China
Working address: 13th Floor, Building C, Tengfei Building, No. 88 Jiangyan Road, Yanchuang Park, Jiangbei New District, Nanjing
Contact: Ms. Liu

Job Responsibilities:

1. Participate in the feasibility analysis of the project, be responsible for the formulation and revision of the product development plan, technical risk assessment, process (including technical documentation) management, customer technical communication of important products, etc.;

2. Responsible for the design and development of related chips of the company;

3. Introduction of new product mass production and improvement of new product yield;

4. Writing and application of relevant patent documents.


1. Master's degree or above, major in microelectronics/electronic engineering/electronics, etc., good in English;

2. Familiar with semiconductor physics, semiconductor process and electronic circuit related knowledge;

3. Experience in practical operation of semiconductor component analog software and layout software;

4. 5 years of experience in power MOSFET design, with the experience of shielded gate / discrete grid (SGT) MOSFET or Super Junction MOSFET design;

5. With a wealth of electronic knowledge, with good electronic circuit analysis capabilities.

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